Oath replenishes soil microbiomes.

A healthy soil microbiome invigorates the natural carbon
and nutrient cycles of every plant on Earth — transforming
C02 from a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere to key
building blocks of carbon for growth in the soil.

Return carbon to soil, growth to plants, nutrients to food.

It's time we Return to Earth.

Oath Soil Life™ is a microbial system comprised of:

  • 100+ natural soil microbes isolated over the past
    20 years
  • Custom blend of soil nutrients
  • Precision agronomic testing

The biologists and agronomists at Oath deploy AI, computer modeling, and advanced genomics to support natural solutions for a healthier world.

The Oath Effect

Over 220 field trials and thousands of
customer experiences reveal that the
Oath Soil Life System increases:

Oath Carbon Sequestration
carbon sequestration
Oath Water Holding Capacity
water holding capacity
Oath Crop Yield
Oath Plant Health
Oath Nutrient Density
Oath Crop Yield


The beneficial microbes in the Oath Soil Life System capture and digest carbon in the soil from a variety of sources, including atmospheric carbon dioxide. The microbes convert this carbon into root biomass, expediting the regeneration of the soil, improving plant growth, and creating natural climate solutions.

“We saw a huge boost in nutrient density. Our gardens have never looked healthier or more lush.”

The Oath Soil Life System Field Study at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

“Using the Oath system, we noticed a pretty immediate response on the trees in terms of their color, vigor, and health”

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