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OATH is a Public Benefit Corporation creating natural carbon removal climate solutions;

We do so by replenishing the microbiome of soils around the globe — transforming CO2 in the atmosphere to building blocks of life in the soil;

Our soil inoculant, OATH SOIL LIFE, is a diverse consortium of naturally-occurring, non-GMO, beneficial microbes that has been proven on hundreds of crop types, soil conditions, and geographies for almost 30 years;

Our microbiologists and data scientists have characterized 195+ unique bacterial taxonomic signatures to expand and refine our consortium;

We view measurement and validation as core to the mission and will announce a breakthrough hardware and software platform later this year;

We have convened a global collaboration of renowned microbiologists, university researchers, and environmentalists to scale the Healthy Soil Climate Solution;

Reversing the rapid extinction of global soils provides an array of benefits beyond carbon sequestration including reduction of nitrogen fertilizer and, therefore, nitrous oxide emissions and runoff, water conservation, biodiversity (above and below ground), greater plant yield, and improved nutrient density — leading to prosperity, health, and an equitable distribution of social and ecological benefits;

We work with land managers around the world across different industries to make the greatest impact in reversing climate change at a scale demanded by the crisis.

Please reach out if you'd like to get involved: info@oathinc.com